hlStab-Ball-Class.jpgGroup Fitness Class Descriptions

Due to limited space and/or equipment, pre-registration is required for classes marked with an (*). 

Aqua classes

We offer Aqua Aerobics, and Aquacise classes; these classes use water resistance to help improve strength, balance, body tone and functional movement. Try each class and find the best fit.

*Breakfast Smash

High-intensity circuit training session that utilizes a wide variety of exercise equipment and movements —this circuit training class is simply smashing!

Gentle Stretch

This class is designed to stretch, tone and strengthen the entire body.

*Kitchen Sink

Actually everything but the kitchen sink!  Prepare for the employment of a variety of modalities and formats in this high intensity, ever changing class.  No way you can get bored here.


PiYo is a mat-based, music-driven athletic workout that draws inspiration from Pilates and Yoga. It includes flexibility training, strength training, cardio. conditioning and dynamic movements. No long-held poses here. Appropriate for all fitness levels as this class offers progressions and modifications.


Fun, fast paced and high intensity full body workout that combines the heart pumping cardio of cycling with full body strength and conditioning. 45 minutes will go by in a flash with this calorie torching workout!!


Got a Minute?

Who doesn't?  You can do anything for a minute.  Strength, endurance and cardio in one minute bursts with a 15 second break in-between.  A head to toe total body workout.  Try it ... if you've got a minute.

Natural Selection

A high intensity circuit designed to establish "survival of the fittest".

Primal Power Circuit

Primal Power Circuit is a strength and conditioning class where we will spend half the class developing strength and skills. The second half of the class will be a high intensity circuit to challenge both beginners and experienced exercisers alike. Classes will be different every session, and all movements will be coached and scaled to appropriate fitness levels.

Body & Bells

Build strength with all the bells and whistles. Every class follows a fully coached warm up, slow strength, and fast conditioning format using everything from body weight to dumbbells and kettlebells.

* FC Cycling

A 45-minute cycling journey that will challenge you both physically and mentally. Water and towel are required.

*Stability Ball and …

This class is a higher intensity, advanced progression into more complex and challenging stability ball, and combination movements. Progressions are offered to accommodate a variety of fitness levels.

Timeless Classics

Activities that are perfectly tailored to senior individuals wishing to improve cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, functional strength, and balance. A non-impact class geared for those who are new or returning to exercise.

Training Camp

Challenge yourself with Training Camp! This class combines metabolic conditioning and football training camp moves to burn, build and breakthrough plateaus.